Physical education programs shall align with California Education Code instructional requirements and take into account the individual interests and needs of all students.

All students, K-12, shall be provided opportunities to be physically active on a daily basis. In addition to formal physical education classes, opportunities for moderate physical activity may be provided at recess, during extracurricular activity, before and after school and other structured and non-structured times.

At the elementary level, each school shall develop a school-wide physical education program that meets the instructional minute requirements of the California Education Code. The program shall be consistent and systematic in teaching movement skills and conditioning activities to ensure that students develop their physical fitness. The physical education program shall develop each student’s flexibility, agility, coordination, strength, and endurance, incorporating a progression of skills and activities from the simple to the more complex. This program shall be flexible enough to accept each student with his/her own pattern of growth and development and include activities that assure both individual and group development throughout the student’s school years.

At the secondary level, students shall meet the state instructional requirements, while learning the elements for physically active games played in the United States, movement and conditioning techniques, and developing personal fitness awareness.

June 6, 2006