The Board of Education promotes active parent and family engagement to support overall student well-being. Involving parents and families as partners in supporting the success of our students and the continuous improvement of our schools is a key tenet of the Irvine Unified School District. This policy and accompanying regulations are intended to 1) promote open communication, 2) establish opportunities for active participation and shared leadership, 3) build school and parent capacity for strong family engagement, and 4) ensure IUSD’s adherence to legal requirements for state and federal programs. 


The Board of Education believes that active parent and family engagement is vital to student learning and success.  Students achieve more if they receive the continued support of parents, families and other significant adults. 

Student achievement can be enhanced through a clear, shared understanding of learning outcomes and open two-way communication between school staff and families. Within established parameters, families have the right to observe instruction and other school activities that involve their children. Schools will regularly provide information to families to help them understand how to support the learning environment at both home and school.

Legal Reference:



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56190-56194 Community advisory committee, special education

64001 Single plan for student achievement



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Policy Adopted: June 5, 1991
Policy Revised: October 20, 1992
Policy Revised: August 10, 1999
Policy Revised: November 13, 2018


Administrative Regulation