The Board of Education may approve outdoor education program requests consistent with the following:

  1. Students participate in a curriculum with general educational objectives including learning experiences in an outdoor environment dealing with nature and academic situations for the appropriate grade level concerned.
  2. Parents are involved in the financial planning.
  3. Insurance covering all participants is adequate for the program.
  4. Supervision of all activities within the program is adequate to meet the needs according to acceptable pupil/teacher ratio.
  5. The total cost of the program will be the responsibility of the local school in cooperation with parents and parent organizations.
  6. The funds received through individual parent contributions shall not exceed the cost of room and board, transportation and two compensatory days for each teacher (Article 17.4 of ITA Agreement).
  7. Students will not be deprived of participation due to insufficient funds. The responsibility for their participation will be with the parent sponsoring group in cooperation with the local school.
  8. Fund raising activities to defray costs will be parent and local school approved and within reasonable guidelines for the activity.   

Policy Adopted: August 21, 2012