At the beginning of the school year, the Superintendent or designee shall notify parents/guardians about the open campus policy as required by law. (Education Code 44808.5)

  1. At the beginning of the school year, the High School Lunch Release form will be sent to all parents and students attending grades 9 through 12. This form will be signed by both the parents and student and will grant or deny the student permission to leave the campus during the lunch hour. This form shall be obtained prior to the student receiving his/her final class registration forms.

  2. Identification cards will be issued to all high school students. Those students whose parents have given permission for them to leave campus during the lunch hour will receive a clearly distinguishable I.D. from those who do not have permission.

  3. An orientation meeting will be held at the beginning of the school year to inform students of the policy and of their responsibilities.

  4. Since physical containment of the campus is not possible, it shall be the expectation that students will honor their parents' preference in this matter. Violations of this policy, which may be detected by staff, police, merchants or community reports, shall be treated as a serious infraction and sanctions will be imposed.

  5. One or more of the following disciplinary actions will be taken at the discretion of the principal or his designee:

  • report of the occurrence to the parents - first offense

  • detention, Saturday classes, cancelation of parking privileges or other alternative action for repeat offenders

  • suspension (one or more days)

  • exclusion or alternative program outside of the main-streamed program.

In all cases, parents will be notified, by phone or in writing, of the disciplinary steps taken.

  1. A record of the number of violations, source of report, and type of sanctions instituted will be kept by each high school.

  2. An annual report to the Board of the statistics collected in number 6 above will be presented.

The district, Governing Board members and district employees shall not be liable for the conduct and safety of students who leave school grounds during the lunch period. (Education Code 44808.5The principal of each high school shall be responsible for the annual preparation, implementation and evaluation of the school's open campus program.

The principal may revoke the open campus privilege to any or all students at any time. In the case of a larger group of students having this privilege revoked, the principal shall submit a report to the Superintendent or designee indicating the nature and scope of the problem and a procedure for reviewing and resolving the problem.

The Superintendent shall notify the Board of any campus closure.

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