In accordance with the requirements of Section 16011 (formerly 19559.2) of the Education Code, the District prepared a “Long Range Comprehensive Master Plan” which was adopted on March 27, 1974. The Master Plan contains information relating to the following factors required by the Education Code:

A statement of the educational programs and goals of the District in relation to its programs, both current and future.

A comprehensive evaluation and report of the utilization of the school facilities now existing in the District.

A comprehensive demographic study of the District, as it currently exists and as projected into the future.

A policy statement regarding actual or potential human problems.

A policy statement as to the priority in which the District proposes to solve its school housing problems.

A policy statement regarding cooperation with other local agencies to achieve total community development.

A policy to insure continuous review so that plans will be kept up to date and changing conditions will be reviewed and accommodated by appropriate revision of plans.

An annual review and update of demographics is conducted each fall. Periodic review of facilities planning on a Village or Project basis maintains the Master Plan current.

Policy Adopted: March 27, 1974