The Irvine Unified School District has designated attendance areas for each of its schools. Every effort is made to accommodate students at their assigned school of enrollment. The district maintains an Intradistrict/School Choice Policy whereby parents/legal guardians may elect to enroll their students in any school within the district; the conditions which restrict this policy are:

  1. There must be space available at that particular school where student attendance is desired.
  2. Transportation will be the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian.
  3. Students who elect to begin a given academic year at a school other than their assigned school may be refused enrollment at the assigned school for the balance of the same academic year due to restricted space availability.
  4. The district reserves the right, at any given school or any given year, to approve open enrollment on an annual basis.
  5. Once enrolled under this policy, a student is given priority consideration over new intradistrict/school choice applicants for continuing enrollment at the school (assuming continued residence in the district).
  6. For each academic year, priority consideration over all other intradistrict/school choice applicants shall be extended to the siblings of students concurrently enrolled at a given school under this policy.

It is the intent of the Intradistrict/School Choice Policy to provide parents/legal guardians and students the opportunity to choose from among the many alternatives within the district's programs and facilities.

The Superintendent or designee implements procedures and guidelines for Irvine Unified School District families to participate annually in the intradistrict/school choice process.

Policy Adopted: May 3, 1977
Policy Revised: December 6, 1994
Policy Revised: August 27, 2002
Policy Revised: October 3, 2017

Administrative Regulation 5116.1: Intradistrict/School Choice
Board Policy 5111 Admission/Residency
Board Policy 6173 Education for Homeless Children