Non-school sponsored, non-CIF athletic activities organized, administered and supervised by non-profit organizations or other similar entities may be eligible for designation as a Club Sport at a given high school. In order to obtain Club Sport designation, the organization or entity must submit sufficient information, documents, etc., to enable the district to determine whether its organizational structure, administration, and supervision meet certain minimum standards.

An organization which meets the designated minimum standards will be granted a “license” authorizing them to award a Club Letter representative of the school.

Recognition of a Club Sport will be considered only if both of the following conditions are met:

  1. participants in the Club Sport compete as a team against other Club Sport teams, and
  2. there is not a parallel CIF team at the school.

The minimum standards the organization or entity must meet including the following:

  1. The organizational structure (charter) must provide for a governing board or panel of directors who are ultimately responsible for the administration of the rules and regulations of the Club Sport and overall management of its activities. Organizational documents should include detailed descriptions of the following Club Sport policies and/or procedures:
    1. Timing, frequency, and notification of board or panel meetings and methods for receiving input from parents and/or community members
    2. Health and safety procedures including procedures used in cases of emergencies
    3. Organizational chart, including the title, duties and itemized responsibilities of each board or panel member
    4. Procedures for processing complaints
    5. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Methods for resolution of disputes
    6. Policies regarding hiring practices
    7. Non-discrimination policies
    8. Availability of financial aid or assistance for participants
  2. Written official rules of the sport.
  3. A competition schedule which includes a reasonable number of competitions during the season of the sport.
  4. A written policy setting forth the requirements for the position of coach of the Club Sport. The minimum requirements must include those set out in California Code of Regulations §§ 5590-5593.
  5. Written rules for the administration of the Club Sport which is distributed to all participants and which includes the following information:
    1. A description of the type and level of supervision of Club Sport members at practices and events during the declared season of sport.
    2. Identity of the person designated with the responsibility of planning and scheduling events and competitions.
    3. Identity of at least one person responsible for coordination and general information including contact phone numbers, email addresses, or postal addresses.
  6. The Club Sport will purchase and maintain a policy of comprehensive public liability insurance covering all personnel and activities on an occurrence basis with a combined single limit for bodily injury, death or property damage of not less than five million dollars. In addition, the Club Sport will maintain policies of worker’s compensation insurance, disability insurance, and any other types of insurance required by law. Each insurance policy must contain a provision that the policy cannot be canceled without ten days written responsibility, and designate the district as an additional named insured.
  7. A written participation agreement for signature by all participants and their parents as a precondition to participate in the Club Sport shall contain a minimum the following notices and provisions:
    1. The Club Sport is neither a school-sponsored activity nor a school sport.
    2. The participant will not receive physical education credit for participation.
    3. There will be no school or district supervision or school or district transportation.
    4. The school will assume no responsibility or liability for the Club Sport, its members, participants, officers or agents.
    5. Provisions whereby a participant’s parents may be reached in case of an emergency.
    6. A specific waiver, release and indemnity agreement releasing the school and/or district from any and all liability for injury or damage claims.
  8. Written eligibility requirements which at a minimum require passing a minimum of 20 units of course work immediately prior to registration with a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  9. Written policies including, but not limited to, enforcement of eligibility standards, maintenance of standards during the season, consequences for violation, and policies or procedures for involuntary withdrawal from participation.
  10. A written Athlete’s Code of Conduct that includes behavioral expectations, policies for enforcement of the code, ramifications for violation of the Code and procedures for discipline, which is required to be agreed to in writing by all participants.
  11. The publication of the conditions which must be met for award of the Club Letter, including but not limited to, the amount of playing time which must be achieved to become eligible for award of the Club Letter.


Assuming the organization presents sufficient documentary proof of its programs, organization, and other internal memoranda, such that the district may determine it meets the minimum criteria for recognition, the district would offer to enter into a written License Agreement, a copy of which is attached. The License Agreement would grant the organization authority to award a specially designed “club letter” to participants who meet the Club’s eligibility and participation requirements. The Club’s use of school facilities, if requested, shall be based upon the district’s standard Use of Facilities Policy.


In addition, each high school that has a “recognized” Club Sport pursuant to a duly executed License Agreement with the district will be permitted to allow the Club Sport to place a group photo in their school yearbook and may allow use of the public address system on the same or similar bases as other extracurricular groups at the school.


Each high school with a recognized Club Sport pursuant to this Regulation may allow the Club to post their events, schedules, try-out announcements, tournament or trophy wins and end-of-season activities. The high school shall not allow the Club Sport to utilize ASB fund accounts or allow public address participants in the Club Sport related on-going events. In addition, no high school may allow the participants in the Club Sport to be considered eligible for other school-based athletic awards based on their club sport participation