Administration of Independent Study

The Superintendent or designee shall administer the use of independent study and be responsible for the following:

  1. Ensure that independent study occurs in accordance with state laws and district policy and regulations.
  2. Approve or deny the enrollment of all students in independent study.
  3. Facilitate the completion of Independent Study Agreements.
  4. Approve all credits earned via Independent Study and assure that these credits become a part of the student's permanent record.
  5. Authorize the selection of all staff assigned to supervise independent study students.
  6. Complete or coordinate the preparation of all necessary records and reports.
  7. Establish and maintain all records required by state regulations to ensure an accurate attendance accounting audit trail for average daily attendance reported by the District.
  8. Monitor Independent Study enrollment district­wide to maintain statutory guidelines and maximize district revenue without compromising program quality.
  9. Develop and maintain the Independent Study budget.

Independent Study Supervising Teachers

Teachers supervising students on full­time (long-term) or short-term independent study agreements shall, aside from regular Irvine Unified School District teacher contract responsibilities:

  1. Complete designated portions of the written Independent Study Agreement, and add additional information as appropriate.
  2. Approve and supervise all course work, and proctor examinations.
  3. Design lesson plans and make assignments. Contribute to course development of online or offline content.
  4. Maintain records of student assignments showing the date the assignment is given and the date the assignment is due.
  5. Provide direct instruction and counsel as necessary for individual student success.
  6. Monitor student progress and regularly meet with the student to discuss such progress.
  7. For traditional independent study models, judge the time value of assigned work or work products completed and submitted by the student.
  8. Assess student work and determine and assign grades or other approved measures of academic progress. Maintain an accurate gradebook and communicate progress with students and parents.
  9. Evaluate course work and determine and assign grades and credits or other approved measures of student achievement when appropriate.
  10. For traditional independent study models, select and save representative samples of the student’s completed and evaluated assignments from each subject area, demonstrating progress towards the learning targets. The Superintendent or designee shall determine best practices for the collection of work samples. The instructor is not required to sign and date the work products (Ed Code 51745.5).
  11. Maintain a daily, hourly, or weekly attendance register according to the program requirements. Maintain all necessary records and files on a current basis.
  12. Sign off on the Independent Study Agreement when the student has completed his/her educational objectives or the agreement is terminated.
  13. At the completion or termination of an Independent Study Agreement, conduct a final evaluation of student performance. Submit both the signed­ off agreement and representative work sample(s) to student attendance/records personnel at the local school site.


District records shall identify all students participating in independent study and shall specify the grade level, program placement, and school in which each of these students is enrolled.

Each school shall maintain records for the students enrolled in that school. Records shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. A copy of the Board policy, administrative regulations, and procedures related to independent study.
  2. A separate listing of the students, by grade level, program, and school, who have participated in independent study. This listing shall identify units of the curriculum attempted and units of the curriculum completed by students in grades K-8 and identify course credits attempted by and awarded to students in grades 9-12 and in adult education, as specified in their written agreements.
  3. A file of all current and active Independent Study Agreements for every participating student.
  4. A file of all completed Independent Study Agreements and, for traditional independent study students, a representative sample of student work completed and evaluated.(Notations of the teacher evaluations of student work may be substituted for an actual sample of the work performed. This file shall be easily accessible to district or state auditors and should be kept in the school attendance office.)
  5. A daily, hourly, or weekly attendance register, as appropriate to the program in which the students are participating, and, for traditional independent study students, maintained on a current basis as a time values of student work products, as judged by a certificated teacher, and reviewed by the supervising teacher if they are two different persons.
  6. A permanent student record of Independent Study performance for students participating in full­-time (long-term) independent study.

The above records shall be maintained for three years, excluding the current fiscal year.

The Superintendent or designee also shall maintain a record of grades and other evaluations issued to each student for independent study assignments.

Each school shall maintain records for the students at that school.

A written record of the findings of any evaluation conducted after the student has missed the number of assignments specified in Board policy shall be treated as a mandatory interim student record which shall be maintained for three years from the date of the evaluation. (Education Code51747)

Revised: April 12, 2016