The Board of Education is committed to the safe transportation of all IUSD pupils and staff when riding in District buses.

The Superintendent or designee may consult with the California Highway Patrol, County Office of Education or appropriate weather service when determining the degree to which he/she will limit transportation service when atmospheric conditions reduce visibility on the roadway to 200 feet or less.

It is the intent of the Board of Education to provide procedures by which transportation problems shall be addressed when atmospheric conditions are severe. In addition, these procedures shall give drivers discretionary authority to discontinue driving if reduced visibility or adverse driving circumstances exist to a degree that creates hazardous driving conditions.

Legal References:

Education Code sections 34501.6, 39830-39841, 51202
Code Regulations, Title 5 section 14103 
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AB 3144

Policy Adopted: March 2, 1993

Administrative Regulation