Research has consistently found that time devoted to study is a key variable in mastering a skill or completing a learning task, however, conflicting evidence exists regarding the efficacy of homework as a tool for supporting student learning; therefore, when making a decision to assign homework, teachers should consider carefully how home study will support learning objectives. The Board encourages teachers, when assigning homework, to adapt it to the maturity and learning needs of students, and to ensure that students receive feedback regarding the completed work. The Board also recognizes the importance of student involvement in co-curricular and family activities, and encourages teachers to assign homework that is reasonable in scale and clear in purpose.

“Homework” shall be defined as assigned learning activities or tasks to be completed by the student independently. The outcomes derived from homework shall include, but not be limited to, previewing, reinforcing, extending, enriching or strengthening the skills and concepts introduced through the daily instructional program.

The decision to assign homework and its coordination shall be the responsibility of the teacher in conjunction with the department or grade level team. Articulation and communication of the learning goals imbedded in the homework shall also be the responsibility of the teacher, in conjunction with the department or grade level team.

Foundational Beliefs:

  1. Homework must be purposeful and the purpose should be clearly communicated.
  2. Homework should be completed independently unless otherwise indicated by the classroom teacher; students should be assuming responsibility for homework so that they can engage in self-reflection and assess their own needs.
  3. Homework assignments should reflect differentiated classroom instruction.
  4. If factored into the grade, homework shall remain a reasonable percentage of the class grade.
  5. Homework assignments should be reasonable in scale.
  6. Homework is not the sole means by which to enrich or extend learning, and teachers may elect to assign or not to assign homework based on the instructional objectives and the needs of their students.
  7. Schools should facilitate articulation regarding homework between teachers that includes coordination between courses and grade levels.
  8. Teachers should provide some form of timely feedback regarding the work assigned.
  9. Schools should facilitate open communication between teachers and families regarding the work assigned.

Each school shall develop a homework plan predicated on these nine foundational beliefs.

Legal Reference: Education Code
37228 Weekend classes
48205 Absences for personal reasons
48913 Missed assignments; suspended pupils
51000 et seq. General instructional programs, especially
51002 Development of local programs within guidelines

Policy Adopted: October 27, 1978
Policy Revised: May 17, 2011

Administrative Regulation