BOARD POLICY - 5141.33

The Irvine Unified School District is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for students. Pediculosis, also known as head lice, is a common condition in schools that contributes to absenteeism. These guidelines should help to prevent the spread of head lice within our school community.

Any student found to have head lice, detected by a live louse or lice eggs (nits), will be removed from the classroom and excluded from attendance. (Title 5 202 Exclusion of Pupils with a Contagious Disease)

The responsible parent / guardian will receive written instructions on the treatment of head lice and a verification of treatment form that must be signed by the parent / guardian before the student can be readmitted. (Ed Code§ 489213)

A student will be allowed up to two excused absences for head lice treatment. Any additional absences will be counted as unexcused. The principal and the school nurse shall work with the parent / guardian of any student who has been deemed to be a chronic case in order to help minimize the student's absences from school. (cf. 5113 - Absences and Excuses) (cf. 4113.1 - Truancy)

Upon return to the school, the parent / guardian must accompany the student and remain present during a pediculosis screening. To prevent further spread, the district will require that all live lice and all nits be removed before a student can attend school. The school nurse or office staff member must approve re-admittance to the school.

Legal Reference:


48210-48216 Persons Excluded
49451 Physical Examination: Parent's Refusal to Consent


Title 5 202 - Exclusion of Pupils

Policy Adopted: June 2, 2009

Administrative Procedure