The Irvine Unified School District will provide those experiences which will allow the student to:

  • Develop intellectual curiosity and eagerness for lifelong learning
  • Fully develop and use his/her abilities and potentials
  • Appreciate, foster, and maintain his/her emotional and physical self
  • Develop a positive self-image
  • Recognize him/herself as an individual, unshackled by any stereotype such as: sex role, racial, ethnic, or socio-economic background
  • Solve problems and deal with change creatively and responsibly through critical and evaluative processes
  • Communicate effectively through the use of skills in areas such as language arts, interpersonal relationships, mathematics, and fine arts
  • Develop a responsible attitude to self, to family, to peer group, and to community
  • Develop knowledge and respect for other people and other cultures, as well as his/her own, in order for the world community to function
  • Develop love for freedom and respect for country; become a responsible American; be an active participant in the community; have respect for the law, property, and the rights of others; be ethical and an informed voter
  • Graduate with special vocational interests and employable skills in order to enable economic survival
  • Develop an appreciation of culture and beauty

Policy Adopted: February 13, 1974

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