Clearly stated, well understood, broadly communicated goals are essential to the success of any school district. Adopted goals inform the budget adoption process, the activities of staff members, and work of all elements of the organization.

Some District goals are worthy of perpetual pursuit:

  1. Ensure that all students achieve academic proficiency in essential areas of skill and knowledge
  2. Provide appropriate instruction to meet the varied academic and career goals of students
  3. Maintain safe and orderly campuses which promote learning
  4. Provide for the specialized needs of identified groups of students
  5. Promote student health and sound nutritional purchases
  6. Develop each student's self-respect, respect for others, appreciation for diversity and sense of personal responsibility
  7. Promote ethical behavior among staff and students
  8. Maintain fiscal integrity for the District
  9. Employ technology in ways that enhance learning, teaching and noninstructional operations
  10. Provide and maintain facilities to meet the needs of present and future students
  11. Maintain positive relations with employee groups and with parents/guardians and the community, emphasizing communications and inviting participation in the schools
  12. Collaborate with other public agencies and private organizations to ensure that children's physical, social and emotional needs are met

Some goals of the District are dynamic, and shall be regularly reviewed, updated and modified:

  1. The District's Strategic Plan shall be updated every five years.
  2. Other sets of goals shall be reviewed and/or updated annually.
  • Superintendent's Annual Goals
  • Continuous Improvement Efforts
  • Facilities Master Plan
  • Technology Plan
  • School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement including Annual School Targets
  • Legislative Action Platform

The Board of Education may suggest goals relevant to any of these areas, and shall adopt goals in these and other areas as deemed necessary to the success of the school district.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for establishing the necessary support structure and for applying the necessary resources to achieve adopted goals.

Policy Adopted: December 1980 
Policy Revised:  May 4, 2004

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