It is the goal of the Irvine Unified School District to provide equitable and high quality educational services and experiences to all students free of charge.  To this end, neither the District nor its employees shall expect or accept gifts as a condition for providing educational services to any of its students.

The Board discourages students and parents/guardians from giving gifts to staff members, and instead encourages them to write personal notes and letters of appreciation.

While the Board of Education does not encourage gifts to staff members, it is recognized that at times students and parents/guardians will wish to express their appreciation to a particular staff member or staff members.  It is the policy of the Board that donations for such gifts shall not be compulsory.

This policy does not restrict the acceptance of gifts or tokens of minimal value offered and accepted openly from students, parents or other persons in recognition or appreciation of service.  District staff is expected to exercise sound professional judgment in the acceptance of gifts. If accepting gifts from individual students, staff should be sensitive to the feelings of other students and refrain from opening the gifts in front of other students.

Legal References:

Education Code:
200  Discrimination, State Policy
56040 Free Appropriate Public Education for Individuals with Exceptional Needs
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Code of California Regulations:
Title 5, Sec. 350  Fees Not Permitted
Title 5, Sec. 80334  Unauthorized Private Gain or Advantage

Policy Adopted: June 5, 2007