The Board of Education may accept any bequest, gift of money or property on behalf of the school district. Gifts must be deemed suitable for a purpose by the Board of Education and be used in an appropriate manner. However, it is the policy of the Board of Education to discourage all gifts which may directly or indirectly impair the Board of Education’s commitment to providing equal educational opportunities to the students of the District.

Organizations desiring to raise money in support of school programs or services must first obtain approval by the school principal or designee, or in the case of district-wide efforts, the approval of the Superintendent or designee, prior to scheduling any activity.

To be acceptable, a gift must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. have a purpose consistent with those of the school district
  2. be offered by a donor acceptable to the Board of Education
  3. will not add to staff load
  4. will not begin a program which the Board of Education would be unwilling to take over when the gift or grant funds are exhausted
  5. would not bring undesirable or hidden costs to the school district
  6. will place no restrictions on the school program
  7. will not be inappropriate or harmful to the best education of students
  8. will not imply endorsement of any business or product
  9. will not be in conflict with any provision of the school code or public law.

All gifts, grants and bequests shall become school district property.

Policy Adopted: February 3, 1974
Policy Revised: August 30, 2005

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