BOARD POLICY - 5141.27

The Irvine Unified School District has developed guidelines for the care of students with food-allergies. Such guidelines shall include, but are not limited to, research-based strategies for identifying students at risk for allergic reactions, avoidance measures, education of staff regarding symptoms and actions taken in the event of a severe allergic reaction.

The District strives to keep students safe at school through the implementation of Life-Threatening Food Allergies Practices which include:

  • Parents/Guardians notifying the school in writing regarding any food allergies of their child
  • Education and awareness at all educational levels for students, staff and parents
  • “Nut-free” lunch tables with specialized training to noon duty staff
  • Limitation of food in the classrooms
  • Collaboration with the school lunch program while in support of safe food choices
  • Reinforcement of proper handwashing before and after recess and lunch
  • Specific Care Plans/Emergency Action Plans and 504 plans as needed
  • Equipping every school with non-designated emergency Epi-Pens

Legal References:
Ed Code 234.1 Prohibition against discrimination, harassment, intimidation and bullying
Ed Code 49408 Emergency Treatment
Ed Code 49414 Emergency epinephrine auto-injectors
CR 600-611 Administering medication to students
US Code, Title 20 1400 – 1482 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Policy Adopted: January 17, 2017

Administrative Regulation