Where, in the course of a work stoppage situation, it becomes necessary for District employees to assume responsibility beyond their normal assignment, the Superintendent may recommend to the Board of Education that such employee(s) receive additional compensation for the services provided.

Legal Reference: Education Code:
44490-44496 California Teacher Mentor Program
44494 Stipends for mentor teachers

Legal Reference: Education Code:
44964 Power to grant leave of absence in case of illness, accident or quarantine
44965 Granting of leaves of absence for pregnancy and childbirth
44977 Salary deduction during absence from duties
44978 Provisions for sick leave of certificated employees
44978.5 Leave for compelling personal importance
44979 Transfer of accumulated sick leave
44980 Transfer of accumulated leave for injury or illness
44981 Leave of absence for personal necessity
44983 Exception to sick leave when district adopts specific rule

Policy Adopted: January 20, 1980