The Irvine Unified School District recognizes the right of its employees to form, join, and participate in the activities of employee organizations of their own choosing for the purpose of representation on matters of employer-employee relations. District employees also have the right to refuse to join or participate in the activities of employee organizations as outlined in the collective bargaining agreements with each unit.

The Board of Education believes that the development and operation of educational programs of the highest quality require cooperation and mutual respect.

The Board of Education will cooperate with employees in the development of an outstanding employee relations program. The Board envisions an employee relations program that preserves both the public interest and management responsibility, while at the same time recognizing the legitimate interests of employees and/or employee organizations.

The Board of Education intends to pursue a policy that maximizes the learning opportunities for all students. This policy will allocate resources -- both the District’s finite financial resources and human resources -- towards this objective.

Policy Adopted: April 25, 1973

Administrative Regulation