The duties of each employee of the Irvine Unified School District shall be determined by the Superintendent or his designee. The duties as so determined shall not be inconsistent with the contract(s) then in effect with the respective employee bargaining units, the published job description and/or work plan agreed to by employee and supervisor (where applicable) and the laws of the State of California.

Deviations in employee performance from these source documents which occurs in conjunction with an organized work stoppage or interruption of services shall be considered a breach of contract by the employee and shall initiate a process involving a warning and possible disciplinary procedures.

A knowingly committed violation of District employee procedures and/or policies shall constitute reasonable grounds for management’s assuming that the employee is failing to fully and responsibly discharge the duties to which he or she has been assigned.

Employees shall arrive and depart from their assigned work locations in accordance with the terms of the employee bargaining unit contract and the direction of the supervisor.

Legal References:

Education Code
35020 Duties of employees fixed by governing board

Policy Adopted: October 31, 1984
Policy Revised: July 13, 2004