The Superintendent or designee(s) shall be authorized to provide for the selection, employment and compensation of substitute teachers, staff and lecturers as needed to provide for the educational program of the Irvine Unified School District during a work stoppage or interruption of services by any employee group.

The rate of pay for substitute teachers so established will be $100.00 for the first day, and $125.00 for each day thereafter.  This pay rate will remain in effect only for the duration of the declared emergency situation, or until terminated by action of the Board of Education. Non-teaching interim staff will be compensated in a manner determined and approved by the Superintendent.

In the event that the names of substitutes and lecturers cannot be brought to the Board of Education for approval before they are assigned to a work station, the Superintendent shall have the authority to assign the substitutes and lecturers and have their employment ratified at a subsequent Board meeting.

Policy Adopted:  October 31,1984