The Board of Education has established by resolution a revolving cash fund for the purpose of paying for goods and services and other uses provided by the Board or required by law.  The amount of the cash fund shall be established and reviewed as necessary, upon approval by the Board of Education.  Uses of the fund, when appropriate, shall be revised by resolution.

The Superintendent and/or the designee will develop regulations for the use and control of the fund.

The Superintendent and/or the designee shall be responsible for all payments into the account, as well as expenditures from the account subject to the restrictions established by the Board of Education.

The revolving cash fund for supplies shall be subject to the bonding provisions of Education Code 42801.

The Superintendent shall, at the request of the County Superintendent or the Board of Education, give an account of the fund.  The fund shall be audited annually by the accountant authorized by the Board of Education.

Legal Reference:

Education Code
42800-42806 Revolving Cash Fund

Policy Adopted: February 3, 1974
Policy Revised:  September 14, 2004