Free discussion of controversial issues is the heart of the democratic process. Freedom of speech and free access to information are among our most cherished traditions. It is the responsibility of the schools to make provision for this study.

The teaching of controversial issues requires the recognition of responsibilities: by the teacher to his/her students, by the principal to the school, and by the school to the community.

The teaching of controversial issues should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The issue should be within the framework of the District’s philosophy and program of the subject area.
  2. The issue should be within the level of the students’ maturity.
  3. The discussion should contribute significantly to developing the skills of critical thinking and problem-solving.
  4. The presentation should be impartial and objective.
  5. Suitable materials including facts and concepts of all aspects of the issue should be available.
  6. The principal shall give prior approval for the teaching of any controversial issues.

Policy Adopted: April 9, 1973

Administrative Regulation