The use of religious music in holiday programs is appropriate within the following context:

  • If the music is taught for its historical value and tied to instructional themes taught in the classroom.
  • If the music provides exposure to diverse religions, heritages and cultures.
  • If the music is not presented in a religious setting and is not sectarian or devotional.
  • If the music is not a part of specific religious activity.

Holiday music should be planned and taught with a distinct educational goal in mind that is tied to the curriculum.


  • Use a cultural and aesthetic emphasis based on the established grade level or course curriculum when presenting or teaching holiday music.
  • Create opportunities to present a variety of music reflecting the cultural and religious diversity in the community.
  • Do not require participation in holiday programs that include religious music.
  • Present religious music, but never in a religious context. Neither promote nor discourage religion.
  • Present a balance of music, both religious and secular, representing different traditions.
  • Select music that is respectful of diversity.


Revised: December 11, 2018