The following procedure shall be observed upon enrolling a student for entrance into Irvine Unified School District schools:


  1. Kindergarten and first grade first-time entrants must have received the health assessment prescribed by state law before first attendance at school. (May obtain IUSD form #800078 or Report of Health Examination for School Entry form #PM17- lA from school sites.)

  2. Health assessments may be obtained from the child’s usual physician or from a Child Health and Disability Prevention Program provider.

  3. Low income families meeting the state financial eligibility requirements before kindergarten and first grade entry and all Medi-Cal eligible children may receive this assessment from the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP) health care providers in Orange County.

Names of health care providers may be obtained by calling IUSD Health Services or the Orange County Health Care Agency.

  1. The health assessment should be performed no more than six months before kindergarten entry in order to meet current state legal requirements that it be within 18 months before first grade entry.

  2. Parental waivers of physical examination requirements may be signed by those with strong objections, but should not be encouraged. (Waiver of Health Examination for School Entry, PM 171-B may be obtained at school site.)

  3. All kindergarten or first grade first-time entrants registered prior to the beginning of the school year will not be allowed to attend class until the required physical examination or waiver is on file with the school of attendance.

  4. Kindergarten or first grade transfer students who enroll after the beginning of the school year without the required physical assessment will be allowed 30 days to obtain and provide the school of attendance with the required physical exam or waiver.

  5. Then copy of physical examination or signed waiver is received, form is filed in the student’s cumulative health record. The upper right corner of student’s cumulative record is stamped “Physical OK” or “Waiver OK.”