The school budget shall be made up annually from the best possible estimates from the individual schools and the district administrative staff. Appropriate consolidation shall occur as the budget progresses through the various levels of administrative review established by the Superintendent or designee. The annual budget preparation should be controlled, to the optimum extent, by policies that are compatible with the long range aims of the school district.

The Superintendent or designee shall determine the time and manner in which the annual budget shall be prepared and issue instructions to the staff. The Superintendent or designee shall also establish a time schedule for the preparation of the budget known as the “Budget Calendar.”

Availability of the Proposed Budget

The proposed budget shall be made available for public inspection, prior to adoption.   Locations, dates and times where the proposed budget may be inspected, and the time, date and place where the public hearing on the budget will be held, will be published in a newspaper of general circulation available in the district at least three (3) days before the proposed budget is available for public inspection.

Public Hearing on Proposed Budget

The Governing Board shall hold a public hearing on the proposed budget, prior to adoption for the purpose of permitting any resident of the district to appear and speak to the budget or any item on the budget.

The public hearing on the budget will conclude when there are no requests for further hearing on file. The final adoption of the budget shall not take place until the hearing is concluded.

Adoption of the Budget

The District will participate in the single budget adoption process upon proper notification to the County Superintendent.  The Board of Education shall hold a public hearing in accordance with law.  The Board of Education shall adopt the District budget prior to July 1 and shall approve any subsequent revisions.

Legal Reference:

Education Code
35035 Powers and duties of superintendent
35161 Powers and duties, generally, of governing boards
42103 Public hearing on proposed budget; requirements for content of proposed budget; publication of notice of hearing

Policy Adopted: February 3, 1974
Policy Revised:  September 14, 2004