It is the belief of the Board of Education that decision-making at schools and at the district level benefits from the advice of representative parents, staff and students (secondary school). Therefore, each school community shall form an advisory group(s) that provides an opportunity for such representatives to participate in the process of decision-making by advising the principal in matters pertaining to the local school and its educational program. Similarly, advisory groups of staff, and where appropriate, representative parents, community members, and students, shall advise the District on decisions that affect the educational programs of multiple schools.

Each school shall form advisory groups that may be required by law or District policy. The representative membership and operations of such groups shall conform to pertinent state law and District regulations. Other school-based advisory groups may also be established.

The accountability and responsibility for decisions that may be made as a result of advice from an advisory group rest with the principal, or the appropriate District level administrator.

Policy Adopted: October 30, 1974
Policy Revised: April 6, 2004