IUSD Trustee Area Map

At the May 29, 2018 School Board Meeting, after considering all community input, the IUSD Board of Education voted unanimously to transition to a By-Trustee Area election method and selected the Purple IV map.   Residents are invited to use the interactive map to learn which trustee area they reside in.

Interactive Map Image
Interactive Map
Purple IV Map
Purple IV Map
Draft Trustee Area Maps Previously Considered

Pursuant to Elections Code section 10010(a)(1), the IUSD Board of Education conducted two public hearings seeking community input regarding the potential composition of trustee areas prior to drawing draft maps for consideration.  Additionally, two Community Information Nights were conducted to again seek input from the public on the criteria for consideration in drafting trustee area maps. 

The below draft maps were created by a professional and licensed demographer using the criteria adopted by the IUSD Board of Education on April 11, 2018.   During the May 8, 2018 public hearing the Board of Education requested adjustments to the Purple map in an effort to meet all of the adopted criteria.  Maps Purple II, III and IV were added for review and consideration by May 22, 2018. 

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Green Draft Trustee Map
Green Map
Purple Trustee Area Map
Purple Map
Yellow Trustee Area Map
Yellow Map
Purple II
Purple II Map
Purple III Image
Purple III Map
Purple IV Map
Purple IV Map