Health Services Contact Us

The Health Services Department is comprised of a team of dedicated and caring individuals.  At school sites you will find credentialed school nurses and health assistants ready to address student health needs.  Please contact Health Services or your school to speak with the school nurse. 
Marcia Noonan
Health Services Coordinator
(949) 936-7514
Laurie Marrujo
Administrative Assistant
(949) 936-7516
Kendall O’Donnell
Office Assistant
(949) 936-7517
Jennifer Allen, RN 
Northwood Elementary 
Sierra Vista Middle School
Jeannine Arya , RN
Loma Ridge Elementary 
Portola Springs Elementary
Raquel Campos, RN
Brywood Elementary 
Canyon View Elementary 
Greentree Elementary
Katie Doyle, RN 
Meadow Park Elementary
Krista Elliott , RN
Springbrook Elementary 
Oak Creek Elementary
Jennifer Foran, RN 
Cypress Village Elementary 
Santiago Hills Elementary
Azita Ghaderifard, RN 
University High School
Daniella Gorman, RN 
Plaza Vista Elementary 
Vista Verde Elementary  
Westpark Elementary
Shadlie Kensrue, RN 
Northwood High School
Sheri Kulungian, RN 
Deerfield Elementary 
Irvine High School
Samantha Lutz, RN 
Alderwood Elementary 
Bonita Canyon Elementary 
University Park Elementary
James Matejcek, RN 
Creekside High School 
Portola High School
Cassandra Menez, RN 
Culverdale Elementary 
Eastshore Elementary  
Rancho Middle School
Linda Mirshafiee, RN 
Woodbridge High School
Julia Monarch, RN 
College Park Elementary 
Stone Creek Elementary  
Venado Middle School
Diana R. Nguyen, RN 
Early Childhood Learning Center  
School Readiness
Janet Penny-Cook, RN 
Eastwood Elementary 
Irvine Adult Transition 
Jeffrey Trail Middle School
Kathryn Schjei, RN 
South Lake Middle School 
Stonegate Elementary
Nicole Vicioso, RN 
Lakeside Middle School 
Turtle Rock Elementary
RN  - TBD 
Woodbury Elementary 
Roberta Moradi, RN 
Special Education Liaison
Linda Scott-Katz, RN 
School Readiness
Chelsea Lee, RN 
School Readiness