It is a primary concern of Irvine Unified School District that students learn in a safe environment at all IUSD facilities. IUSD staff shall practice the following in an effort to secure the safest learning environment possible for students.

The Superintendent or designee shall post at every entrance to each school and school grounds a notice setting forth visitor registration requirements, hours during which registration is required, the registration location, the route to take to that location, and the penalties for violation of registration requirements and any other announcements required by the local law enforcement agency in order to arrest persons found loitering or trespassing. (Penal Code 627.6)

Volunteers, Visitors, and Guests

Immediately upon entering any school building or grounds, any person who is not a student of the school or a district officer or employee shall, when school is in session, report his/her presence and the reason for visiting the school to the principal or designee.  All volunteers, visitors and guests to IUSD sites are required to check in at the school office. The school must furnish them with identification to wear while on campus.    Any person the principal or designee asks to leave school grounds shall promptly comply.

No outsider—which would include immigration-enforcement officers—shall enter or remain on school grounds of the Irvine Unified School District during school hours without having registered with the principal or designee.  If there are no exigent circumstances necessitating immediate action, and if the immigration officer does not possess a judicial warrant or court order that provides a basis for the visit, the officer must provide the following information to the principal or designee:

  • Name, address, occupation;
  • Age, if less than 21;
  • Purpose in entering school grounds;
  • Proof of identity; and
  • Any other information as required by law.

The Irvine Unified School District shall adopt measures for responding to outsiders that avoids classroom interruptions, and preserves the peaceful conduct of the school’s activities, consistent with local circumstances and practices.

Irvine Unified School District personnel shall report entry by immigration-enforcement officers to any on-site school police or other appropriate administrator as would be required for any unexpected or unscheduled outside visitor coming on campus.

Student and Staff Awareness

Staff and schools shall review at the beginning of each year, and during the course of each year, the importance of reporting to the proper authorities any uninvited or suspicious persons on campus. Employees in school buildings shall report to the principal immediately any person loitering on or near the school grounds. The principal shall notify the appropriate law enforcement agency by telephone immediately upon receiving the report, and shall notify the Superintendent or designee.

Regular Practice of Safety Drills

State law requires each elementary school to conduct a fire drill at least once every calendar month; each middle school to conduct a fire drill at least four times every school year; and each high school to conduct a fire drill not less than twice every school year. Additionally, early in the school year, a lock-down and drop & cover drill shall be conducted.

Emergency Preparedness Plans

Schools shall have updated Emergency Preparedness Plans. Staff shall be familiar with plans and emergency preparedness assignments.

Secure Facility

As determined by the administration and appropriate to the site, doors from the outside that access classrooms and main buildings other than the office and main entrance shall be kept locked to insure that all visitors enter through the office.

It is recognized the amount of perimeter fencing may vary from site to site, and that no amount of perimeter fencing can guarantee the safety of students. Fencing needs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Playground Supervision

It is the responsibility of the principal to provide for supervision of playgrounds, restrooms, and other school facilities at all times they are in use by students during the school day.

October 8, 2002
January 7, 2019