FAQ: Academic Model Selection Process


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Q: How do I select the academic model of our choice?

A: Families will have from July 15-20 to select the academic model of choice for their student(s) in the Parent Portal. School principals will provide information with directions for families.  Please check your email for this important communication. If you have unsubscribed from IUSD communications, you will not receive important messages, such as this.  To resubscribe, email helpdesk@iusd.org

If you have questions or would like more information to aid in your family's decision-making process, see our 2020-21 Planning FAQ and online resource page.   

Families new to IUSD, please click here for enrollment in our District.  


Q: Will families be able to change between academic models?

A: While we don’t recommend mid-year changes, we know that, depending on our local conditions, some families may feel comfortable returning their children to an in-person model or may decide, instead, that they want to enroll in the IUSD Virtual Academy.  We will accommodate these requests at the first trimester or semester, as space allows.


Q: If a student needs to make a change to their academic model due to an emergency, how will this be handled?

A: We understand that each emergency is unique and the local school site will work with families to support the continued education of their student in response to the emergency and regardless of the academic model. 



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