BOARD POLICY - 5131.6 


The Irvine Unified School District acknowledges the importance of electronic communication between students and parents, particularly in school-wide emergency situations. Further, the District recognizes that instructional time is precious and must be protected from unnecessary disruption.

Therefore, students shall be permitted to have in their possession a privately owned electronic signaling/recording device on campus during the school day, while attending school-sponsored activities, or while under the supervision and control of a school district employee. Such devices shall be deactivated and remain out of sight. Their use shall be strictly prohibited on campus during the instructional day, as defined by the designated bell schedule for the day, excluding zero period, except:

  • during an emergency affecting the school or community;
  • upon direction from a licensed physician and surgeon, if carrying such a device is essential to, and the use is limited specifically to, the health of the student;
  • within a classroom environment where the teacher gives specific permission to use a specific capability of a device.

Electronic signaling devices include any device that operates through the transmission or receipt of radio or infrared waves, including, but not limited to pagers, cellular telephones, two-way radios, PDAs, and cameras (still or video).

In permitting student possession of such devices, the District assumes no liability for the loss of the device or its misuse by another person. Students who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action. Unauthorized use may be a violation of IUSD Board Policy 6010 - Honesty Position Statement.

Legal Reference:
Education Code 48901.5 - Electronic Signaling Devices
Education Code 51512 Electronic Listening or Recording Devices

Policy Adopted: October 1, 2002
Policy Revised: July 20, 2004

See Also:

Board Policy 6010: Academic Honesty and Integrity