The Westpark staff wanted to adopt a school wide behavior system which would create a positive social climate and, at the same time, enhance the learning environment.

As a result of training by the University of Oregon’s Center of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support and the Orange County Department of Education, our school began the process of creating the AIR (Accountability, Integrity, and Respect) program for Westpark.

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is a school-wide positive behavior system that is focused on defined behavior expectations and positive reinforcement for all students.

Key Components

  • Teaching behavioral expectations to all students
  • School-wide behavioral expectations
  • Continuum of consequences for violating behavioral expectations
  • Acknowledging appropriate behavior
  • Ongoing use of data for decision-making
  • Function-based support for students with chronic problem behavior


  • Decrease in office discipline referrals
  • Increase in instructional time
  • Efficient and effective use of scarce resources
  • Increase in school safety

Schools that prticipate in this project find:

  • Increased time for instruction
  • Elimination of 85% of problem behaviors
  • Positive school climate
  • Effective school-wide behavioral and academic systems
  • Support for students with severe problem behaviors
  • More effective and efficient actions
  • Support for teaching diverse populations
  • Development of sustainable cultures of competence

What does AIR mean for my child?

AIR means that behavioral expectations characterize our school climate. Students are taught behaviors as they are taught any other subject. Behaviors are systematically defined, taught, monitored, and rewarded. Each student is expected to demonstrate AIR behavioral expectations across all school settings. A common language is used by all staff members when addressing students with regard to behavior. Our students have become accustomed to questions like, "are you demonstrating accountability for your actions, are you showing integrity, are you respecting your classmate and/or yourself?"

What can I do to refinforce this program at home?

Talk about AIR expectations with your children. Find opportunities to acknowledge your child when he/she demonstrates AIR behaviors at home. Use the language of AIR in a positive setting: "Accountability, Integrity, and Respect."

Westpark PBIS Statement of Purpose

Westpark Bullying Policy

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