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GATE Overview

IUSD's GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program is designed to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of advanced learners. IUSD provides GATE-cluster for 3rd through 6th grade students. Middle school GATE programs vary from site to site. Teachers of gifted and advanced learners are provided with professional learning specific to meeting the needs of gifted learners. Curriculum and instruction are designed with more complex ideas and require deeper connections through the core content. Once a student is GATE identified, the placement remains through middle school.


Each school district in California incorporates its own GATE-identification qualifications. IUSD's GATE-identification begins at the end of 3rd grade for participation in the 4th grade program. GATE-identification occurs through the following methods:

Multiple Criteria Measure

The Multiple Criteria Measure process for GATE-identification takes place automatically for all 3rd-6th grade students. To qualify, students must score within the top 20% of his/her grade level through IUSD's Multiple Criteria Measure. Data included in the evaluation consists of academic achievement, creativity (for 3rd grade students), CAASPP ELA and Math Achievement scale scores (for 4th-6th grade students), and learning characteristics. Each component is completed at school over the course of the school year, and the process is finalized by mid-June. Please check here on June 15th for a comparison of Multiple Criteria Measure scores.

Private Assessment

In accordance with national research on best practices for identifying gifted and advanced learners, IUSD does not accept private psychologist's assessments as an option for GATE-identification. However, for new IUSD students who were identified and participated in a GATE program in another district, if the previous school district's evaluation included a private assessment, IUSD will consider that as part of our evaluation process. The evaluation must have been provided by a licensed educational psychologist and completed after the student was in 2nd grade.

OLSAT (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test)

OLSAT is a fee-based test option that assesses student's thinking and reasoning skills. In accordance with national and international research, IUSD will no longer consider a one-time assessment as an indicator of giftedness. As a courtesy for community members preferring to include OLSAT as part of the GATE-identification process, IUSD will continue to offer OLSAT; however, the score will serve as one component of IUSD's Multiple Criteria Measure.

Please Note: Students do not need to take OLSAT to be considered for GATE via IUSD's Multiple Criteria Measure.

Frequently Asked Questions about GATE Identification

1. What percentage of students are GATE Identified?

Approximately 30% of IUSD's student population is GATE-identified. Our GATE FAQ's provide more detailed information.

2. What information will parents receive regarding Multiple Criteria scores?

Parents of the top 28% of 3rd through 6th grade students will receive scores for each category. The scores will include the student’s 1st trimester grades, 2nd trimester grades, scores for both fall and winter STAR Renaissance (reading assessment), scores for both fall and winter easyCBM (math assessment), the Creativity Analysis (3rd grade only), and CAASPP Math and ELA Achievement scores (4th-6th grade only). Median and mean scores will be shared on our website for parents to use as a comparison for their student's scores. All parents may request to see the results of their student's scores.

IUSD's High School Honors and Advanced Placement

IUSD's honors classes and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are open to all students based on academic performance and achievement tests from eighth grade. GATE identification is not required for acceptance into honors or AP high school classes.

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