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In preparation for the 36th Annual District Science Fair, Ask-A-Scientist Night was held on Thursday, October 13, 2016 at Rancho San Joaquin Middle School.

2016 Ask-A-Scientist Night Flyer

2016 Ask-A-Scientist Night Acknowledgements


The 30th Annual Astounding Inventions Contest will be held on January 28, 2017 at Irvine Valley College.

Astounding Inventions Flyer

School sites across IUSD and Tustin Unified will hold school level contests. Your child must participate in a school level contest to advance to IVC.

General Information & Rules:

Astounding Inventions Rules

Inventor's Display Board Sample

Inventor's Notebook

Guidelines for Parental Help


The 36th Annual District Science Fair will be held on February 28, 2017 at Portola High School.

Sponsored by The Broadcom Foundation | Supported by Irvine Public Schools Foundation

Science Fair Introduction Letter

School sites across IUSD will hold school level science fairs. Your child must participate in a school level science fair to advance to the District Science Fair and/or the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair. Please see below the eligibility rules for the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair.

General Information & Rules:

Science Fair Rules for 2017

Guidelines for Parental Help

Science Fair Topic Selection

For a Scientific Inquiry Project:

Ideas for Scientific Inquiry Projects

Science Inquiry Rubric



Sample Backboard

For a Rube-Goldberg Machine (6th Grade Only):

Rube-Goldberg Project Timeline

Rube-Goldberg Notebook & Model

Rube-Goldberg Rubric

Rube-Goldberg Sample Machine

Rube-Goldberg Results and Conclusions

Certification Forms for Scientific Inquiry Projects:

Experiments Involving Human Subjects

Hazards Control

Humane Treatment of Live Vertebrate Animals

Vertebrate Tissue Source

OCSEF Link for certifcates

OCSEF Link to submit certificates

Short Video of last year's event: IUSD 35th Annual Science Fair

Eligibility Rules for the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair (OCSEF)

This information is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.Please visit the link above for the most up to date information from OCSEF.

If you plan on entering OCSEF, you must tell your science teacher.  Your science teacher must approve your entry! Be sure to check OCSEF Rules & Regulations before beginning your project.

To be eligible for the Orange County Science & Engineering Fair (OCSEF), students must have participated in the IUSD Science Fair.

Students may enter OCSEF as an individual project, or they may enter as part of a team project with 2 or 3 members total.

  • Team projects will be placed in the same categories as individual projects. Judges will have higher expectations for the originality, scientific value, and completeness of team projects done by 2 or 3 authors working together in comparison with the work done by one student.
  • All work on team projects must be acknowledged; all team members must be present at the judging interview to be considered for category awards.

OCSEF limits IUSD to 125 entrants.  Projects selected to enter OCSEF will be determined based on the following criteria:

  • Interest by the student in participating in OCSEF.
  • Ribbon awarded at the IUSD District Science Fair.
      • Not ALL Blue Ribbon winners at the IUSD Science Fair will be selected to participate in OCSEF.
      • Red Ribbon winners at the IUSD Science Fair may be selected to participate in OCSEF.
      • Honorable Mention winners will NOT be eligible to be selected to participate in OCSEF unless we are unable to fill our 125 allocated entries from the Blue and Red Ribbon winners.
    • Input from the student’s science teacher.

Registration for OCSEF takes place on-line.  For rules, details and deadlines, please visit their website at:

IMPORTANT: To be eligible to register for OCSEF, your child must have participated in the District Science Fair and met the criteria explained above. No exceptions. Please be sure to check with your child’s school as to requirements and deadlines for entering the District Science Fair, as well as the OCSEF Rules & Regulations before planning your project.


All fourth, fifth, and sixth graders in the Irvine Unified School District receive 120 minutes of hands-on science instruction each week. An additional 60 minutes of science instruction is provided by each child's classroom teacher. This program is unique among Orange County school districts!

This comprehensive science program includes a balanced curriculum including Earth, Life, and Physical Science as well as Investigation and Experimentation skills. Additionally, all students receive instruction and practice in the Scientific Method and students are required to complete a Science Fair project.

Delta Education Grade 3 WX542-0054 FOSS CA Edition Science Resources Student Book Grade 3
McGraw Hill Grade 4 002-2843787 Science Grade 4 Pupil Edition (CA 2008)
McGraw Hill Grade 4 002-2843132 Science Grade 4 Reading & Writing Workbook
McGraw Hill Grade 5 002-2843795 Science Grade 5 Pupil Edition (CA 2008)
McGraw Hill Grade 5 002-2843140 Science Grade 5 Reading & Writing Workbook
Glencoe Grade 6 0-07-879428-5 Focus on Earth Science Student Edition (CA 2007)
Glencoe Grade 6 9780078794322 Science Notebook Student Edition
Glencoe Grade 6 9780078794308 Reading Essentials Student Edition
Glencoe Grade 6 9780078754876 Four-1 Lab Manual Student Edition
Pearson Prentice Hall Grade 7 0-132012723 Focus on Life Science Student Edition (CA)
Pearson Prentice Hall Grade 7 0-132034417 Focus on Life Science Reading & Note Taking Workbook
Pearson Prentice Hall Grade 8 0-132012707 Focus on Physical Science Student Edition (CA)
Pearson Prentice Hall Grade 8 0-13203445x Focus on Physical Science Reading & Note Taking Workbook

For online versions, please contact your child's teacher.



For additional questions or information about K-8 science, please contact our office at or 949-936-5057.

High school science is handled at the high school level. For questions 9th - 12th grade, please contact your neighborhood high school.


Elementary STEM Newsletters

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Inside the Outdoors: Science Study Programs
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Sally Ride Science Festival

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