Business Services

Business Services supports the Irvine Unified School District’s mission of providing the highest quality educational experience we can envision.  This support is exhibited by maximizing IUSD’s fiscal resources, providing quality educational facilities and maintaining schools to the highest standard.  The Business Services division is made up of the following departments.

IUSD Budget Watch

Facilities Planning and Construction

The Facilities Planning and Construction Services Department provides logistical support and oversight for procurement and land use as well as the construction of the necessary facilities and/or improvements to carry out the Districts mission.

Fiscal Services

The Fiscal Services Department provides budget planning, review and analysis for the District. IUSD's record of fiscal stability and rich program and service profile is the result of a combination of deliberate fiscal strategies.

Nutrition Services

The Nutrition Services Department provides nutritious meals at breakfast and lunch for our students and staff. This Department offers a variety of items each day on the school menus, as well as additional items prepared for catering and special events.

Maintenance and Operations

The Maintenance and Operations Department provides the planning and implementation of maintenance projects of IUSD, provides training and supervision for custodial work within the district, performs grounds upkeep, operates warehouses, provides daily deliveries to each site, and provides security, planning and implementation of safety requirements for the District.


Transportation is provided to district pupils for a variety of programs throughout the district, including field trips and athletic events. "Safety is our first concern!"

Risk Management

The Risk Management department oversees the District’s self-insurance programs. They include Health, Property & Liability and Workers Compensation insurance programs.  Emergency preparedness and safety services are also provided by the risk management department.



Updated: 02-28-12