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Budget Notebook: Making the most of available resources, IUSD projects positive balances

BY SUPERINTENDENT GWEN E. GROSS, Ph.D. This week, bands of heavy rain swept over the Irvine Unified School District, and thunder boomed intermittently. Yet rigorous instruction persevered in the dry confines of our classrooms. Similarly, our district continues to weather the fiscal storm brought on by California’s budget crisis.

Board of Education votes to reopen negotiations with employee associations for 2010-11

Based on the projection of positive ending balances through 2011-12, as well as the arrival of approximately $4.5 million in federal dollars, the IUSD Board of Education on Oct. 5 voted to reopen negotiations for the current year with the Irvine Teachers Association and the local chapter of the California School Employees Association.

State lawmakers come to terms on a budget for California – 100 days after it was due

Well, better late than never. California’s budget arrived 100 days late to be exact, setting a new mark for the longest budgetary impasse in state history. But by Oct. 8, lawmakers had approved a spending plan for the fiscal year that began in July. (The Los Angeles Times has more here.) IUSD’s Business Services staff will closely scrutinize details of the plan in the days ahead.

Gov. Schwarzenegger and lawmakers say they've struck a deal on a state budget

Potentially ending the longest budget impasse in California's history, it was announced on Oct. 1  that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and key legislative leaders had finally reached agreement on a spending plan for the current fiscal year. Few details have been released, and lawmakers still must vote on the plan, which would presumably close the state's $19 billion shortfall.

Budget Notebook: IUSD is cautiously optimistic as state sets new record for budget tardiness

BY SUPERINTENDENT GWEN E. GROSS, Ph.D. This week, California made history – and not the good kind. Our state is now as far as it has ever been into the fiscal year without an approved budget, and it could be days or weeks before a spending plan is agreed upon in Sacramento. Even then, California’s plan may be more smoke and mirrors than actual solutions.


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