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IUSD webpage answers budget questions

Want to know how the governor’s budget proposal impacts IUSD? Or why school districts can’t use facilities dollars to cover operational expenses? Or why major budget decisions must be made by March? The Irvine Unified School District has a new interactive webpage that answers these and other frequently asked questions about the state budget crisis and its impact on Irvine’s schools. You can access it by clicking here.

Superintendent shares thoughts on budget crisis

Though Governor Schwarzenegger recently vowed to protect education from further reductions, his initial budget proposal for 2010-11 poses enormous challenges for school districts, most of which have already been decimated by cuts. Locally, the governor’s spending plan increases Irvine Unified’s operational shortfall for 2010-11 to more than $22 million, representing a dramatic increase from the $14.7 million gap identified in December.

IUSD in the running for federal funds

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday signed an education reform package that will make California eligible to compete for funds through President Obama’s $4.35 billion Race to the Top (RTTT) initiative. Similarly, the IUSD Board of Education voted to submit a Memorandum of Understanding to the state signaling the district’s intent to remain in the running for its share of the federal funds, should they materialize.

State crisis continues to hammer education

As we approach the winter recess, California’s fiscal crisis continues to impact the Irvine Unified School District, creating a projected shortfall of $14.7 million for 2010-11. In addition, our state finds itself with yet another multibillion-dollar revenue gap, and policymakers have not ruled out midyear cuts. To read Superintendent Gwen Gross's take in the latest Budget Notebook, click here. As Dr.

California's budget lucky to get a "D"

Budget experts have been scouring the thesaurus to come up with adjectives that describe California’s budget. “Dismal,” “dire” and “devastating” are a few that come to mind – and those are just the ones that start with “D.” This week, George Skelton of the Los Angeles Times adds “dreadful” to the list in a column that points out the need to fix the structural flaws in our state’s budget system. With that, we’d be remiss in not passing along a little good news.


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