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Mental Health and Wellness

Q: Will students have access to school counselors, psychologists and other mental health and wellness staff?

A: Students will continue to have access to school counselors and other mental health professionals regardless of the academic model they are participating in. For more information and access to these resources, visit iusd.org/WeCare.  


Q: What mental health supports and services will be available for students?

A: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) supports will be available in all academic models. Students will also have access to mental health staff TK-12, in all learning environments. Supports include whole class and small group SEL lessons, mental health check-ins, as well as short term counseling.

For comprehensive information about IUSD mental health and wellness resources, visit iusd.org/WeCare.  In addition, IUSD’s Prevention and Intervention team, as part of the District’s Speak Up We Care initiative, put together mental health and wellness resources, contacts and services to support students and families during this COVID-19 crisis, which can be accessed by clicking here.


Q:  How will IUSD support students who have been suffering from social isolation?

A: Staff will be trained in teaching through a trauma-informed lens prior to the start of school. Social Emotional (SEL) lessons will help increase self-awareness, help students re-establish connections, and help instill coping skills. Students in need of more intensive supports will have access to counseling staff.


IUSD wants every student to know that their voice matters and they are not alone.  Students are encouraged to reach out to a trusted adult for support or to visit our Speak Up We Care webpage for contacts, resources and supports.  Additionally, students have access to the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System, which enables students to seek support anonymously for themselves or for friends. Three ways to use the system include:


  • 1-844-5-SAYNOW or 1-844-572-9669
  • Saysomething.net 
  • Mobile App- available for free on the App Store for IOS and Google Play for Android    

If immediate assistance is needed, do not wait for a response from these IUSD resources.  For emergencies, call 911.  For more resources, click here. We care and are here to help. 



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