Plaza Vista: Jazz Festival

Irvine HS
March 16, 2019 7:40am
March 16, 2019
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Irvine High Jazz Festival On Saturday, March 13, our Plaza Vista Middle School Jazz Ensemble will participate in the 2019 Irvine High School Jazz Festival. Our students will perform for two or three highly respected jazz musicians who will provide comments that will help us learn to be a better ensemble. Immediately following our performance one of these musicians will provide a hands-on clinic and work as long as time permits.

 Our Schedule for Saturday, March 17 is: o 7:40 a.m. call-time, at Irvine High School. 8:00 a.m. warmup in room H19? (Might be HLG)

o 8:25 a.m. performance in the Humanities Large Group (HLG)  Students need to provide their own transportation. Bring your music. Drum set needs to bring all cymbals we use and sticks.

 Parking will be in the front of the school on Walnut Street. Jazz students need to meet at the front steps of Irvine high School no later than 7:40 a.m. ***You thought parking for Band Spectacular was nuts, well this beats it. Make sure you leave extra time to get here and find us. If you get lost you can ask one of the parents working the event to point you in the direction of the HLG.

 The dress code for this event is our standard “concert dress.” Please report to IHS in concert clothes.

 Parents and friends are welcome to come and hear us play. Last year there was a $5 admission for non-performers.

 I invite everyone to stay and enjoy some jazz music – all performances are open to the public and free of charge for performers. Some highlights include:

o Sierra Vista combo is after us: 9:00 in the HLG

o Venado 11:20 in the HLG o Sierra Vista 3:15 in the HLG

 There is an awards ceremony following the afternoon concert which starts at 12:40 in the Gym. You don’t need to be at this if you don’t want to be. It might be cool to see it though because they actually give awards for best sections and things like that. Might be cool to see. Full disclosure: I’m leaving soon after our performance so you need supervision (parent) if you are staying.  Food is available for purchase throughout the day.

 Have fun! That is the whole reason for doing this! Have an open mind we are going to have a great time! Mark Ghiassi

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