Meadow Park: Harvest Parade, 10:50am

Harvest Parade
October 30, 2019 10:50am
October 30, 2019
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  • The Harvest Parade will be at 10:50 and will be completed by 11:50. The reason we moved it to this time is so our kindergarten friends may participate.
  • Parents are certainly invited to attend and a fun place for all of you to watch would be in either of our atriums. We will make sure to walk by both areas and this is a casual place to socialize.
  • Students can either change into their costumes or wear them to school. This is the hardest part. For example, this year my son is a “Blow Up Panda” that has a little motor and is very large. For these types of costumes, the expectation is that they wouldn’t wear it to the class because it would be too disruptive. Also, as I explain to our students, even on Pajama Day it is great wearing pajamas in the morning but it gets a little old in the afternoon, especially if it is warm like today.
  • Student cannot wear anything that covers their face, may be considered offensive, anything with a weapon, etc. This is a “fun and friendly” parade and we have students here that are literally 4 years old in our TK program.