Plaza Vista: 19/20 8th grade tile event

May 22, 2021 8:45am - 12:00pm
May 22, 2021
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Plaza Vista is excited to announce that we will be hosting 2020 PV graduates (current 9th graders) so that they can participate in a Plaza Vista tradition: graduating 8th graders each paint a tile that will be put up on the school building.  Please plan on arriving between 8:45am-9am so that we can give directions as a group.  Students will have up to 3 hours (until 12pm) to complete their tile.  On average, it takes students 2-3 hours to complete their tiles. 

PREPARATION: It is important that you plan out what you will paint on your tile beforehand, and know which colors you will use. Be prepared to paint your image on a square tile slightly smaller than 4.5 inches per side. 

To practice, while at home, draw a square on a regular piece of paper that is 4.5 inches per side (use a ruler). Draw and color in your image on this paper square to have a rough draft of your tile. Do this before coming to PV to paint your tile. Bring this paper draft with you as it will help you paint your tile. We have the tiles and paints you will need for the activity.

The simpler the image, the easier it will be to paint. Complex images are challenging.

**Please note: masks and social distancing guidelines will be followed during the event

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