Alcohol & Drug Intervention Program

The Alcohol and Drug Intervention Program is a two pronged approach to changing middle and high school students’ behavior around alcohol and/or drug use in response to incidences resulting in out-of-school suspension.


The IUSD Alcohol and Drug Intervention Program is designed to give students more information and support around alcohol or drug use and to decrease the likelihood of continued use. The program has two components – an online education course and an intake session by a Wellness Coordinator to determine if additional support is needed.


The online course is designed for youth who were found in possession of alcohol or drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia or consumption of alcohol. This 8-hour online course is available 24/7, is self-paced and provides a Certificate of Completion. The course was designed by Dr. Ari Novick, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified Anger Management Professional and Trainer.


The intake session may indicate additional support such as school-based counseling or it may be determined that an outside referral is needed for more intensive specialized intervention. Wellness Coordinators also can assist with referrals for additional resources for the student or family if desired.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the intervention program, please contact your school administrator or Prevention and Intervention at (949) 936-7508.


The Tobacco Intervention Program is offered to students cited at school for tobacco use. Students may clear a suspension or citation by attending and completing the program. The program consists of four consecutive weekly evening classes held at the Creekside Education Center. The tobacco cessation awareness classes will be conducted or contracted through the Orange County Tobacco Use Prevention Program (TUPP). These classes focus on understanding and exploring the stages of smoking cessation.


For more information on the Tobacco Intervention Program or to make a referral please, contact Prevention and Intervention at (949) 936-7508.