Project Success

IUSD’s Prevention and Intervention department offers support through Project Success to encourage the development of resiliency skills in young adolescents. These life skills help foster student ability to communicate with peers and adults and effectively manage the stressful changes associated with adolescence. Research has shown that students who learn how to make healthier academic and social choices do better in school and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors.

Students involved in Project Success will participate in individual or small group settings to address typical teen wellness concerns such as stress management, goal setting, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, developing self-control, and dealing with loss and/or major life transitions. Activities are designed to improve self-esteem, healthy behaviors, attendance, and organizational and social skills. An important component of the program is having students learn how to better relate to peers, adults, and to themselves. This builds school connectedness and positive feelings towards school; and prepares them for high school, postsecondary education, and employment.

Our Project Success staff work collaboratively with school counselors, administration, mental health specialists and teachers to address each student’s unique needs. Our school is strongly committed to your student's wellbeing and success. Your cooperation and support are greatly appreciated.

To connect with mental health services outside of IUSD contact Care Solace.

For more information on Project Success or to make a referral please contact your school’s Project Success or Mental Health Specialist.