To meet the requirements of the IUSD policy, "Professional Credential Renewal," the District shall implement procedures to facilitate the enactment of this policy. Effective professional growth must continue to occur throughout the careers of all teachers and administrators, so that they might remain informed of changes in pedagogy, subject matter, student and community needs and current educational trends and mandates. It is the intent of the California Legislature to establish professional growth requirements that give individuals a wide range of options to pursue, as well as significant roles in determining the course of their professional growth.

The Superintendent/Designee shall implement procedures as follows:

  1. Designate certificated administrative staff to serve as professional growth advisors.
  2. Designate advisors who (a) hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of post-secondary education, (b) hold a valid clear California teaching or services credential, (c) have a minimum of five years quality teaching/administrative experience, (d) have attained permanent status in the IUSD.
  3. Verify successful service that has been provided by a holder of a professional clear credential.

The Professional Growth Advisor shall have the following responsibilities to the credential holder:

  1. Serve as a source of information regarding the professional growth program.
  2. Discuss and/or recommend professional growth activities and domains of activities.
  3. Provide suggestions about professional growth plans and activities.
  4. Determine whether activities identified on a Professional Growth Plan meet the established requirements.
  5. Verify and initial activities completed and/or the total Plan.
  6. Shall not be responsible for evaluation of performance to determine employment status.

The Credential Holder shall have the following responsibilities and rights:

  1. Develop a Professional Growth Plan based upon goals and professional growth needs to be reviewed by an Advisor.
  2. Choose an Advisor from those designated by the District.
  3. Develop, select and review potential activities with an Advisor.
  4. Amend the Plan at any time necessary after review with an Advisor.
  5. Record accurately the number of clock hours that have been spent on completed activities.
  6. Receive full credit for all hours spent at professional growth activities, even if change of employer, assignment or advisor.
  7. Complete all required items on Professional Growth Plan and Record and Verification of Successful Service forms, have signed and/or verified by proper official, and forward to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).
  8. Appeal to the CTC if an adverse action has been taken that is considered to be unfair, arbitrary or contrary to the terms of the law, regulations or manual.

The Professional Growth Committee, as established by the agreement between the Irvine Teachers Association (ITA) and the Irvine Unified School District (IUSD), shall monitor the professional growth activities provided as options for professional credential renewal for teachers.

August 25, 1986
August 31, 2004 (number changed from 4112.2a to 4113.1)