About Us   -   Our Mission and Core Values

Vista Verde School is a single track, year-round, kindergarten through eighth grade school and is a school of choice open to all students in the Irvine Unified School District.  Because parents choose to send their children to Vista Verde, student activity & achievement and parent involvement are exceptionally high.   Consider this message a cordial invitation to all members of our community to become involved in our school program, whether is working with the parent leadership groups, volunteering in classrooms or supervising the playground. The contributions of our community members make a difference every day for so many of our students.

Vista Verde opened its doors in 1974. Our school reflects the vision of Dr. Stan Corey, the district's founding superintendent, who believed that the needs of each school were unique and most decisions were better made as close to the students as possible. Today, this belief is carried out through participatory management, empowering staff, parents and students to become a vital part of the decision-making process.

Vista Verde has had the highest ratio of district mentors to teachers in the district. Our mentors and program administrators are experts in technology, innovative English instruction, curriculum, science and science curriculum development, math, teacher development, conflict mediation, early childhood curriculum and spelling.

We enjoy high parental expectations and involvement, which is complimented by a professional staff of committed, informed and caring educators.  Together, we will sustain our excellent educational program and continue to build a strong community partnership.