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PE Instructional Minutes Notice

Student Links

Please Note: Class teachers will have the usernames and passwords for the Text Book and IUSD sponsored web sites.

(IUSD is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites)

Programs used in the Media Room

Students login with their IUSD username and password. In some cases teachers have created student accounts (Kahn Academy and Raz Kids, for example).



Typing Websites

To really improve, we suggest that students practice regularly. Try one of these web-based programs at home.

Try at Home

Web Links – Websites that are Educational and Fun!


Text Book Links

  • Language Arts (K-6):

https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ (Links to an external site.)

    1. Select California
    2. Select: Irvine Unif School District 92604
    3. Select: College Park as the School (all schools will use College Park)
    4. Click the Box that says “Remember My Organization”
    5. See the table below for User Names and Passwords. Both are case sensitive.

    Grade:       Username:         Password:

    K                 gradek                  student

    1                 grade1                  student

    2                 grade2                  student

    3                 grade3                  student

    4                 grade4                  student

    5                 grade5                  student

    6                 grade6                  student