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CAASPP Resources

To access the Smarter Balanced Practice and Training Tests, click here.

To get latest news and tips go to the CAASPP Portal, click here.


Looking for a book at our library?

Access our library catalog now using your network login and password.

IUSD library resources available at http://destiny.iusd.org/


(Library Catalog / Databases)

Click "University Park Elementary School"

Login*** (Upper right corner)
Username:Network ID
Password:9-digit #

Overdrive Digital Library

(eBooks - Fiction)

Login*** (Upper right corner)
Username:Network ID
Password:9-digit #

All about Books & Authors!



Programs used in the Media Room

Students login with their IUSD username and password. In some cases an alternate username and password has been created. Check with the classroom teacher if there are issues (First in Math, Kahn Academy and Raz Kids are examples of programs that don't use the IUSD username and pas


Typing Websites

To really improve, we suggest that students practice regularly. Try one of these web-based programs at home.

As of November 2015, IUSD is offering students access to Typing Agent. For more detailed instructions for home or parent access click here.

Try at Home

Text Book Links - Updated: 12.16.15

Please Note: Class teachers will have the usernames and passwords for the Text Book and IUSD sponsored web sites.

Language Arts (Grades K-6):

Harcourt Social Science (Grades 1-5):

Grade 1 Username = gradeone1

Grade 2 Username = gradetwo21

Grade 3 Username = gradethree3

Grade 4 Username = gradefour4

Grade 5 Username = gradefive5

  • Password for students at all grade levels are available from the teacher.
  • Click the Login button
  • Click on the link to go to the Online Book.

Pearson Online Learning Exchange (formerly Scott Foresman Social Science - Grades K-5):

McDougal Little Ancient Civilizations Grade 6:

  • Go to: http://www.classzone.com/eservices
  • At the top of the screen, look for Returning Users
  • Username: irvinestudentss
  • Student's password available from the teacher.
  • Under eServices You Use, click on World History Ancient Civilizations eEdition (Ancient Civilazation course)
  • Click on the Tab titled Book to see links to each chapter of the textbook.

McMillan/McGraw Hill Science (Grades 4-5):

  1. Go to the following website: http://www.glencoe.com/sites/common_assets/science/ose/
  2. 4th Grade User Name = casci04
  3. 5th Grade User Name = casci05
  4. Student's password available from the teacher. ou will see a picture of the front cover of the textbook.

Glencoe Science Grade 6:

  1. Go to: http://glencoe.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0078741831/
  2. Click where it says “Click Here to Enter Student Center.”
  3. On the left, click on Online Student Edition.
  4. Click on the link that says “For online student edition click here.”
  5. Complete User Name:  FESCCA07 (case sensitive)
  6. Student's password available from the teacher.
  7. On the left, click on the plus sign in front of Contents in Brief.
  8. Click on the Plus Sign in front of Table of Contents.
  9. Select the Unit you want to view. Click the plus sign in front of that unit. Then click the plus sign in front of the chapter you want to view. Click the lesson or activity you want to view.
  10. You can also click on Page Navigator on the left of the screen. Then, you can select an exact page number that you would like to view.

My Math (Grades K-1):

  • Go to www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com
  • For Kindergarten:
    • user name = iusdgradek
    • Student's password available from the teacher.
  • For First Grade:
    • user name = iusdgrade1
    • Student's password available from the teacher.

Go Math (Grades 2-5):

Please not that these links work with Internet Explorer 9.  Use of other Internet Browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) may not be supported.

  • Go to: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/
  • Select: California
  • Select: Irvine Unif School District 92604
  • Select: College Park as the school (all schools will use College Park)
  • Click the Box that says “Remember My Organization”
  • Student's password available from the teacher.

SpringBoard Math (Grade 6):

Online access to the SpringBoard Sixth Grade Math textbook is available now in a Canvas course.   Students will not need to have a special username or password to access the textbook.

First in Math (Grades K-6):

ST Math (Grades K-8):

  • Go to www.stmath.com and click the penguin “Jiji”
  • Click on the “Homework” button
  • Enter Student’s Picture passcode that they learned at school
    • If they forget their picture passcode, they can use their text district login
      • Username format: ##DoeJane
      • Student's password available from the teacher.
  • Enter your School Name and press Enter
  • Go to https://goo.gl/4nSElIfor complete instructions

Begin playing assigned homework or click the green objectives button at the bottom to play the objectives that have been completed.  If there is no homework assigned, access previously played content by clicking on the Replay Games button.

Reminder: Kindergarten students will only be able to access their account after they have learned all 13 characters in their picture passcode. Playing two full objectives at school before playing at home helps ensure they can navigate the system comfortably.

Rev Dec 15, 2015