Support Staff

Instructional Assistants

Annette Bowler
Elisa Gonzalez-Fins
Debbi Koeller
Alison Paladichuk
Stephanie Slater
Support Staff
Tania Van Straalen Elementary Resource Counselor
Claire Lueders Guidance Assistant
Neema Raman SLPA
Sarah Scott-Malden ESL
  Upper PE  
Peggy Andrews-Vostmyer PE Paraprofessional: Primary PE, Noon Supervision

Special Education

Sofia Camacho 1 to 1 SAI (Supports Ms.Patton)
Payal Sakurikar SAI (Supports Ms. Patton)
Cinthia Gonzalez SAI (Supports Mrs. Patton)
Usha Anand SAI (Supports Ms. Suh)
Gina Catalano SAI (Supports Ms. Suh)
James Romito 1 to 1 SAI (Supports Ms. Suh)
Dina Kaley

SAI (Supports Mrs. Sims)
Susan Hoffman SAI (Supports Mrs. Jankowski)
Jill Garcia SAI (Supports Mrs. Jankowski)


Jamie Brandt
(949) 936-6062

Occupational Therapist

Nasym Emani
(949) 936-6050
Sara Schmidtt
(949) 936-5000


Todd Roettle Computer Support Specialist III (949) 936-5118
Sumitra Sarma Media Tech I (Technology) (949) 936-6050
Marsallay Spicer Media Tech I (Technology) (949) 936-6075
Kary Delgado Media Tech I (Library) (949) 936-6065

Nutrition Services

Geraldine Pratt Nutrition Service Assistant (949) 936-6060