Tips for Parents, Primary Caregivers, and Educators

Initial Book Activities

One of the easiest ways to begin telling the story of a book is through the use of illustrations. Most books for young children are illustrated in great detail and noting important details related to the characters, plot, and setting will provide a wholesome first literacy activity.

Beginning Reading Level Activities

Children at this level should be encouraged to browse through books and pretend to read the story, an initial step toward becoming an independent reader. Children may tell the story to themselves or attempt to read frequently highlighted words.

Primary Grade Book Activities

Independent Reader Activities

Develop the Desire to be a Lifelong Reader

Relate what has been read to the solution of problems. By internalizing what has been read, we use knowledge and wisdom to solve personal problems, to make significant decisions related to career choices, to find solutions to community and social problems, and to develop healthy attitudes toward a positive world environment.

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