Bibliography: K-3 Phonemic Awareness

Title Focuses on Author
A Giraffe and a Half rhyme Silverstein, Shel
Alison's Zinnias beginning sounds Lobel, Anita
All "Dr. Seuss" books rhyme Dr. Seuss
Buzz Said the Bee rhyme Lewison, W.
Dinosaur Chase rhyme Otto, C.
Drummer Hoff rhyme Emberley, Barbara
I Can Fly rhyme Krauss, R.
I Love You, Good Night rhyme Buller, J. &Schade, S.
Is Your Mama a Llama? rhyme Guarino, Deborah
Jake Baked A Cake rhyme Hennessy, B.G.
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes rhyme
Pass the Fritters, Critters rhyme Chapman, Cheryl
Possum Come a-Knockin' rhyme Van Lann, Nancy
Rachel Fister's Blister rhyme MacDonald, Amy
Silly Sally rhyme Wood, Audrey
Sing a Song of Popcorn rhyme Beatrice Schenk de Regniers
Six Sleepy Sheep rhyme Gordon, J.
Stop That Noise! rhyme Geraghty, P.
The Rooster Crows rhyme Maude and Miska Petersham
The Random House Book of Poetry for Children rhyme J. Prelutsky
Tomie de Paola's Mother Goose rhyme T. De Paola
Who Is Tapping at My Window? rhyme Deming, A.G.
Any "Raffi" songs multiple areas
Any "Wee Sing Silly Songs" multiple areas
Apples and Bananas rhyme
Down by the Bay rhyme
Spider on the Floor rhyme
Willaby Wallaby Woo rhyme

Source: Teaching Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, and Word Recognition. Bishop, Ashley, & Suzanne., Teacher Created Materials, Inc., 1996.