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CAASPP Testing

Below is a link to the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress. This spring our students in grades 3-6 will be taking this test. The link below includes questions you may have in addition to a Smarter Balanced Practice Test.

CAASSPP Parent Notification Letter 2015


Annual Notice of Physical Education Requirements

Irvine Unified School District strives to provide the highest quality educational experieence we can envision for our students. To read more, please use this link: PE Instructional Minutes Notice

Feb 2-6

Spring Conference Week

Feb 2, 3, 4, 6 Kindergarten, normal schedule

Feb 5 All Kindergarteners will be Early Birds, 8:10 - 11:30

Grades 1-6, minimum days - 1:00 dismissal all week

Feb 13

All Kindergarteners will be Early Birds, 8:30 - 11:30

Grades 1-6, minimum day - 1:00 dismissal

Feb 16 No School, President's Day
Feb 20

Meadow Park's Got Talent

6:00pm at the LDS church by Woodbridge High School

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.Parent Portal

The district has put together a FAQ and answers for parents who might be experiencing some common problems and how to resolve them. Please use the following link to access this information: MyIUSD - F.A.Q.

Parent Volunteer Screening Forms / Guidelines

Volunteer Registration and Parent Involvement

IUSD Volunteer Guidelines

Safe Routes to School

Here is a map showing the safe routes to Meadow Park.

Safe Routes to School

Irvine Public Schools Foundation

IPSF Website

Health Services

At Meadow Park we continually reinforce hand washing and smart coughing and sneezing habits. Please see the links below for posters we have displayed in our classrooms. You can print them out for home use as well! Additionally the Irvine Unified School District has set up a special webpage to help students, parents and employees learn more about the H1N1 flu, along with strategies for staying healthy this season. Please see the link below for this IUSD site:


Cover your cough

Germ Stopper